Panther Precision Machine
Large Scale Metal Fabrication
Why Panther Precision Machine?
Panther Precision Machine

Panther Precision Machine started business in 1998 as a 3-person machine shop with a fairly narrow focus.  Since that time, Panther has experienced uninterrupted growth of 10 –15% annually.  This growth has been achieved by providing exceptional service and value to our customers.  Today, we have over 75 customers and operate out of a 41,000 sq ft fully air conditioned space. 

While we still provide precision machining services for small to medium sized parts, over the years more and more equipment has been added to handle the largest machining requirements.  There are very few shops in the upper mid-west which can offer the range of capabilities as Panther.

Another reason for the growth is the fact that the owners of Panther have been willing to invest in significant capital equipment in support of specific customer requirements.

A sampling of these capabilities is as follows:

  • CNC Horizontals with capabilities up to 330'' X by 138'' Y
  • CNC Vertical machining centers with travels up to 120'' X by 40 '' Y with 4 & 5 axis capabilities
  • CNC Turning centers with 31'' swing and 84'' between centers
  • VTL's with 130'' swing and 52'' under the rail
  • Horizontal turning of 48'' swing and 480'' between centers
  • 20 & 10 Ton cranes throughout the facility

Talk to any of our customers and you will find someone who looks at us as a teammate, not just a supplier.

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