Panther Precision Machine
Project Gallery

Carriage assembly for a hydraulic draw bench - Panther did all the welding, machining and assembly for the project. Overall size is 48'' wide, 60'' long, and 10'' tall.

Large hydraulic bench

Replacement ball & socket joints for a crane manufacturer. Inner material is bronze and outer is steel - overall dimension is 42'' dia. Panther was responsible for complete machining and assembly for the project.

Large Replacement Ball Joints

Pulverizer / Classifier designed to produce ultra-fine particles from a variety of materials. Panther provided all welding and machining on the project and the customer utilized Panther's prototype assembly area to set up and test the unit prior to final acceptance. Overall dimensions are 6' wide, 15' long, and 5' tall - powered by a 100 hp motor.
Large Pulverizer

Turbalizer a device used for mixing a variety of products. Panther has produced several of these items - the one in the photo is 38' long by 40'' in diameter.

Large Mixer

Fabrication of large filtration system. This unit is approximately 10' in diameter and 6' tall.
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